Generals Athletics

Washington-Liberty High School


Generals Athletics

Washington-Liberty High School

Generals Athletics

Washington-Liberty High School

Athletic Clearance

Please follow the guidelines below to gain clearance:

Our student-athletes must be enrolled at Washington - Liberty High School. * 

* H-B Woodlawn students may also join our teams if W-L is their "home school."

* Eighth graders who live within the W-L boundaries and enrolled in the Arlington Public School System may also participate if chosen is not offered at their middle school level.

1. Student-Athletes must have a completed VHSL Physical Form packet.

           You must have a current Physical on file with the Athletic Trainer to participate in any athletic activity, this includes but not limited to: Green Days, Tryouts, Competition and Practices. 

A new physical exam is needed for each school year. 

The exam must have been completed after May 1st of the beginning of that school year. Therefore, the physical must take place after May 1, 2020.  After it is complete, this form must be turned into the Activities Office (room 1023).

W-LHS Sports Physical Forms (COMPLETE ALL) / Formularios de Registro Deportivo W-L HS (Completar Todos)

2.  ALL Student-Athletes must have Health Insurance.  

       Information on School Insurance can be found in the Activities Office or online at: or call 1-888-574-6288 or 919-846-9798.

3. The "Arlington Public Schools Parent Athletic Participation Agreement Form" must also be signed and turned in with the VHSL Physical Form. Before signing this form, please read the following information: 








Other Notes

A) Student - athletest enrolled in no fewer than five (5) subjects. Passed more than five (5) subjects at the conclusion of the previous semester. Student-athletes are forced to "sit-out" all VHSL for a full calendar year following a school transfer unless the transfer corresponded with a family move.

B)  Individuals nineteen (19) years of age on August 1st of the current school-year are unable to participate. After entering the ninth grade for the first time, students can not have been enrolled in, or been eligible for enrollment, in high school more than eight consecutive semesters.

There are some exceptions to the rules listed below. An appeal can be considered and granted by the VHSL if an athlete presents a valid, compelling case.  If you have any questions concerning these guidelines, more information can be found at the VHSL link on the left or by calling our office, 703-226-6207.