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Generals Athletics

Washington-Lee High School


Generals Athletics

Washington-Lee High School

Generals Athletics

Washington-Lee High School

Team News.

Team News

7 months ago @ 10:14AM

Spring Green Days

Green Day Schedule


4/17-   3:15-5:15, 4/19-  3:15-5:15, 4/26-  3:15-5:15


5/1-  3:15-5:15, 5/10-  3:15-5:15, 5/14-   3:15-5:15,5/17-  3:15-5:15,5/22-  3:15-5:15,5/24-  3:15-5:15

Team News

1 year ago @ 9:44PM

Team Rules and Expectations 2017/18

Team Rules and Expectations

Team Rules and Expectations

  • All student-athletes will be held responsible for all rules and policies as set forth by the Washington-Lee High School Student Activities office.  A copy of these policies and procedures may be found in the student handbook.

  • As a representative of himself, his parents, and the basketball program, student-athletes will be held to higher expectations for school behavior

    • Student-athletes are expected to

      • be on time to class

      • be respectful of peers, teammates, and school personnel

      • maintain appropriate levels of academic achievement

  • Playing time and participation in practice is the discretion of the coaching staff and may be limited for inappropriate behavior or a failure to appropriately represent the boys basketball program

  • Student-athletes are expected to participate in program fundraisers

  • Student-athletes should directly express any concerns with a member of the coaching staff


  • Underclassmen who will be staying at school before practice are expected to use their time to complete schoolwork in the school library, cafeteria, or with a teacher.

  • Student-athletes will travel to all school sanctioned events using school transportation.  Student-athletes may be released directly to their parents/guardians only.  Student-athletes will not be released to someone else by phone call, text, email, or note.

Concerns regarding a student-athlete or the boys basketball program should be addressed with a member of the coaching staff first.
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