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Generals Athletics

Washington-Liberty High School


Generals Athletics

Washington-Liberty High School

Generals Athletics

Washington-Liberty High School

Team News.

Team News

8 months ago @ 8:01PM

Meet 2 vs. Yorktown at WL Pool

This is our last dinner of 2018! IF you are interested, we are going to do a White Elephant gift exchange at dinner in celebration of the holiday season. Please bring an unmarked, wrapped gift to dinner if you’d like to join in on the fun! 
Dinner this week is at The Weiser’s houseAll swimmers and divers are expected to bring your own drink and desserts to share! I’ll be bringing a few extra desserts this week again also. Please sign up here to help with dinner!
12/21 FRIDAY – HOLIDAY TEAM BREAKFAST, 7:30 am in the WL Cafeteria
We will be having our annual holiday breakfast on Friday before school. Please bring something breakfast-ish to share with the group - I’ll bring the bagels!
We will meet in the cafeteria at 7:30 am. Come dressed in your holiday finest and/or your ugliest holiday sweater (which works well for your spirit day dress also)! 
12/ 21 FRIDAY – MEET vs. YKT at WL
DIVERS: Please coordinate with Coach Kristen on your arrival and warmup plans.
SWIMMERS: Please be at the pool by 6pm.
As always, this meet will be exciting and full of great racing against our hometown rival. It will be one of our toughest meets, but also the most fun and spirited! Everyone is excepted to be at this meet.
Diving will start at 6:30 pm, we will warmup during the last few rounds of diving and aim to start swimming around 7:30 pm. We have invited both WL and YKT Alumni to attend the meet and will do a short ‘welcome’ for them before we start the meet.
Parents, if you are volunteering for swim or dive please plan to arrive by 6:30 pm or so. Please sign up here if you are able to volunteer to time or officiate.

Team News

8 months ago @ 10:06AM

Week 4 Updates (Team Picture, Winter Break Practice, Senior Night, Qualifying Meets)


Our team picture is scheduled for Tuesday, December 18 at 315pm. will get this done right at the start of practice, before we get in and usually finish up by 345pm or so. Please plan to be there and be IN your team suit when you arrive (you can wear it for practice too). We’ll get everyone lined up and situated. Pictures will be a little different this year and everyone will be required to get an individual picture after our usual team shot.


We will hold regular practices next week, Monday-Thursday.

We swim YKT on Friday, 12/21 – this will be an alum visit meet so tell your family/friends who are former alumni member of either WL or YKT!

Following that meet, we will start winter break schedule - practices will be from 3pm -5pm at WL on 12/26, 27, and 28 (Wed-Fri that week). Then again, 3pm – 430pm on 1/2 and 1/3. (Wed-Thursday that week) at WL. If you are in town and not practicing full time elsewhere, you are expected to attend these practices.

REMINDER: We have a meet on January 4th so staying in the water is key!

Girls, we’ll also start our tradition of no-shaving through Conferences or wearing 'stockings' during winter break practices.


Save the date – our senior night will be held as part of our last home meet on January 18th. We will do short recognition of our seniors at the start of the swim meet, but the main senior send off for us will happen after the swim meet. We will ask everyone to stay after the meet concludes for this recognition. As part of this, the seniors will also ‘debut’ their skit/video for the team. Parents are welcome to attend! More info to follow as we get closer.

QUALIFYING MEETS (Districts, Regionals, States)

Just a quick note on qualifying meets since we have quite a few news members and as a refresher for oldies. Once we finish the regular dual meet season (Jan 18thbeing our last dual meet), we move into the Championship portion of the season. During this time, only those swimmers and divers who are slated to participate in Districts will be required to attend practice, starting January 21st. For Districts, the lineup is put together based strictly on times. Not everyone will swim in Districts due to entry limits and because this meet serves as a qualifier for Regionals. If you typically swim in multiple individual events at our dual meets, you can expect you will likely be in our District lineup.  If you are not able to attend and know that now, please let me know ASAP. Districts will be held at WL.

For the remaining two qualifier meets - you can qualify to participate in Regionals by time (at any point in the season) or by place at the Conference Meet. Regional are held at OakMarr. You can qualify for States by time (at any point in the season) or by place at the Regionals meet. States are held at GMU.

Team News

8 months ago @ 10:09AM

Meet 3 vs. Herndon @ Herndon Community Center


As a reminder, pasta dinners are mandatory for team participation – this is the one forum where we socialize as a team on a weekly basis. It’s also where you get to hear what you’re swimming on Friday so you can be prepared. Dinner this week is at The Phillips house. All swimmers and divers are expected to bring your own drink and desserts to share! I’ll be bringing a few extra desserts this week (cookies!) so not everyone needs to bring something this go around.

Please sign up here to help with dinner!

12/14 FRIDAY – MEET vs. Herndon @ Herndon Community Center

EVERYONE: Please be at the pool by 4:15 pm. We need to leave by 4:30 pm to get out to Herndon (with traffic, ugh) in time for warmups. Everyone is required to ride the bus.

Swimming and diving happen CONCURRENTLY for this meet, so we will start both at 6:30 pm.

Address of the pool is: 

814 Ferndale Ave, Herndon VA 20170

Parents, if you are volunteering for swim or dive please plan to arrive by 6pm or so. If you have any questions about what you are doing or you are able to volunteer and haven’t already mentioned it – please contact Bill Mowery (officials) or Strat Zervos (timers). Please sign up here if you are able to volunteer to time or officiate. We really need parent officials (particularly for our remaining home meets), so if you work during the summer as an official, please please consider volunteering for WL as well.


Team News

8 months ago @ 10:10AM

Meet 2 vs. TC Williams at Home (WL Pool)


As a reminder, pasta dinners are mandatory for team participation. From here on out dinners won’t run quite as late as last week because we don’t have as much to do, don’t worry! Dinner this week is at The Holt Family house.

I forgot to mention last week that all swimmers and divers are expected to bring your own drink and desserts to share. We didn’t have much for dessert last week and ALL of you wanted some so just remember to bring something to share.

Please sign up here to help with dinner!

12/7 FRIDAY – MEET vs. TC Williams @ WL Pool

Divers: Please chat with Coach K about your plans for arrival and warmup.

Swimmers: Please be at the pool no later than 615pm. We will watch diving and then warmup during the last three rounds.

PARENTS: if you are volunteering to help with dive please plan to arrive by 6pm or so. If you are helping with swim, please plan to arrive by 7pm. If you have any questions about what you are doing or you are able to volunteer and haven’t already mentioned it – please contact Bill Mowery (officials) or Strat Zervos (timers). On that note, we had a tough time fielding our required timer allotment at the meet last week AND we need a ‘head timer’ stand in this week since our usuals aren’t available. PLEASE let me know if you can help out in that capacity and PLEASE remember to sign up to help time. We can’t have a meet without timers. Thanks in advance!

**Club swimmers: If you make finals for one of the invitational meets being held this weekend, you are not required to attend the WL meet. However, if you do NOT make finals we ask you to attend the WL meet to support your team. IF you are interested and/or available to swim (because you don’t make finals or aren’t swimming at one of the meets), please let me know ASAP.

Team News

8 months ago @ 3:41PM

Meet 1 vs. Langley at Spring Hill Rec Center


As a reminder, pasta dinners are expected for team participation. We will use this time to go over the lineup each week and spend some time together as a team. Similar to last year, we will be using the Signup Genius so that our dinners are more potluck style. However, every swimmer will always be responsible for bringing their own drink (2 liters also welcome for sharing) to each dinner.

Here is the signup genius for this week’s dinner.

Dinner this week begins at 630pm at the Conley’s House

This dinner may be a bit longer than usual as we will be handing out gear (suits, tshirts, and caps) and we will be voting on Captains. Only seniors are eligible to be Captain.

FRIDAY – MEET vs. Langley at Spring Hill Rec Center

DIVERS – please coordinate with Kristen on your plans for after school.

SWIMMERS and DIVERS – please be at the pool by 5pm, in your team t-shirt. We will plan to depart by bus around 515 pm. Riding the bus is required on the way TO the meet. You are able to go home with your parents following the meet, but the bus will also bring us back to WL as well. (You cannot leave with anyone other than your parent.)

POOL ADDRESS IS: 1239 Spring Hill Rd, McLean, VA 22102

Diving will get underway by 630pm and swimming (hopefully) by 730pm (if not a little earlier). Swimmers will begin warmup during the last few rounds of diving to get things moving.

PARENT VOLUNTEERS – Parents, if you are officiating/scoring the dive meet, please plan to arrive by 545 pm or so. If you are officiating/timing for the swim meet, please plan to arrive by 645 pm or so. If you have any questions about what you are doing or you are able to volunteer and haven’t already mentioned it – please contact Bill Mowery (officials) or Strat Zervos (timers). Don’t forget to sign up here:

Team News

8 months ago @ 3:47PM

Week 3 Updates (Practice, Holiday Bazaar, Pictures)


Now that we are in meet season, three practices a week are mandatory unless you have a specific and agreed upon arrangement with me. If you aren't making those and/or aren't managing your time well, you may not be swimming in our meets. That said, communication with me is key so if you have a lot going on and need to chat – please do that in person and we’ll figure out something that works.


Everyone who is able should plan to be at the Holiday Bazaar at some point on Saturday, even for an  hour or two. Those who can work the morning shift, please arrive at 930am. If you are working another table during the Bazaar, try to stop by – even if for 30 min – to work with us as we sell our cookie jars. When the last jar is sold, we can leave. So if you are planning to arrive later in the afternoon, please check in with someone to see if we are still there. The Bazaar runs from 10-4pm.

Parents, please stop by and support WL and the swim team. Our jars make great gifts for neighbors, teachers, and coworkers! Also, there were a lot of great vendors last year and you can find some cute holiday gifts for friends and family. We will sell them for $10 or two for $15. Discounts offered on purchases of 2 or more!


We are not having picture day this week like other winter sports teams – our date will be in December TBD.

Team News

9 months ago @ 11:28AM

Time Trials - November 17th at Wakefield


We have a county tri-meet scheduled for our time trials this season. It will be held on November 17that Wakefield with our warmups starting at 615pm and the meet starting at 645pm. Please meet us at Wakefield at 6pm. There will be no diving. Time trials is mandatory unless you are participating in a club meet that weekend (I know there is Senior Circuit and Swim & Rock) and/or are out of town.

SWIMMERS: Here is the signup genius for your events. The entry limits/requirements are listed here as well. IF we have enough interest in specific events, I will ask if we can run another heat or take open slots from another team . Everyone must sign up for at least 2 events, if possible. I’d love to have a full heat of fly for both boys and girls… so get signed up friends!!/showSignUp/10C0F45A5AA2CA7FE3-time1

PARENTS: We will need a few parent volunteers (for timers and one or two for officials). We’d ask you to arrive around 630pm. Here is the sign up genius (which includes all the meets if you want to get signed up early for all the meets this season.

Strat Zervos serves as our Head Timer ( Bill Mowery acts as our Head Official, so please reach out to him if you’re able to help on the officials front for time trials or otherwise (

Team News

9 months ago @ 11:15AM

Week 2 Updates (Gear, Volunteers, Pasta Dinners, Fundraiser)


As a reminder, all gear orders are due by this Friday November 17th – please be sure to get your order in. You are required to purchase a team suit, cap, and tshirt. All other gear is optional.


If you are a certified official and/or are interested in getting certified, please let Bill Mowery know – he will be serving as our head official this season and coordinating our volunteers on this side of things. He’ll likely get an email list going with just officials, so please send him your contact info if you are able to help out!

Strat Zervos has volunteered to be our head timer again this year, with Gretchen Mowery as his deputy. If you have any questions about timing or aren’t sure if you need something other than a working thumb (seriously, that’s all you need!) – feel free to touch base with them and CC me so I can help answer if I’m able.

On that note – if you know you are able to help out already at a meet, here are all of the signups for all our meets. Thank you in advance for all your help!!/showSignUp/10c0b49a5a723a64-20182019


Our dinners are a joint effort/potluck style. Here is the sign up genius for them – once we have all our locations locked in, we’ll update this with addresses/locations. But please feel free to get signed up based on dates now. Appreciate your help in feeding the team!

PRACTICE NEXT WEEK (November 19 and 20th)

Next week, due to the Thanksgiving holiday, we will only be holding practice at our regular times on Monday and Tuesday.


As a reminder, the Swim and Dive team participate in the WL Holiday Bazaar each year as part of our fundraising activities. The Bazaar will be held on December 1 from 10am – 4pm. We will ask you to come by and help sell our pre-made cookie jar mix in support of the swim team (you can do some pre-sales if you want and deliver the items to neighbors or family also). We usually sell out by 1/2pm and once that happens, you can head out. If you are interested in helping out in the assembly of the jars, please let Marina George know. They are coordinating that and will likely be doing the assembly over the Thanksgiving break.

Team News

1 year ago @ 3:39PM

2018-2019 Swim and Dive Season Information

Interest Meeting is on Tuesday, October 23rd after school in room 1018


The winter sports season will officially begin on Monday, November 5th at 3:15pm (please meet at the pool). Practice is mandatory and we will swim, so be prepared with caps, googles and appropriate competitive gear.

You MUST have turned in your physical to participate, please complete your physicals as soon as possible and turn them into the athletic trainer.

You do not have school on Tuesday, November 6th because of election day or on Monday, November, 12th because of the Federal Holiday (big thanks to all our Veterans!) and we will NOT practice on those days. Practices for the first week will only be Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. For the second week, we will practice every day, except Monday (Veterans Day).

Team Information

Practices are held at W-L pool, Monday through Friday from 315pm - 430pm.

You are expected to attend at least FOUR practices a week before swim meets begin and THREE as week when we have swim meets scheduled. 

As always, our requirements for club swimmers are that they attend one FULL practice with us each week to be eligible to swim in meets and be a member of our team. To clarify, that only applies if you swim full time with a club team (5 or more days a week). If you are only swimming once or twice with a club team, you should be at WL practice on the three other days. Other outside training, such as CrossFit or weights, does not 'count' for your training with us. Part of being on a team is being an active and involved member and we strive to encourage team unity among our members throughout the season.

Swim Meets are Friday nights (starting after Thanksgiving). Typically they run from about 5pm-10pm. We have an optional team dinner at Silver Diner after meets.

One thing to note – we will be running a tri-meet for Time Trials again this year with WL, YKT, and Bishop O’Connell. That meet will be on November 17th at Wakefield with warm ups beginning at 6pm. The meet will be run with 50s and 100s of every stroke and two relays (Medley and 200 Free) at the start and finish of the meet. We will use this as our only time trial event to get new or updated times for our team. Please make plans to attend. There will be a sign up for what individual events you’d like to swim. More info at our first practice day, but please save the date!

We hold practices over Winter Break for two hours. Everyone who is in town is expected to attend.

We have worked hard to build a dedicated and competitive team and expect that all swimmers and divers who choose to join the team are willing to be a full and active team member and give 100%.

We aim to have fun, but also provide a quality training and development program for team members.

Some of our most common feedback is that the swimmers and divers love being members of the team and the parents also feel that their kids have learned valuable lessons and were provided outstanding overall support from our program and coaching staff.

  • We are a ‘cheering team’ – be ready to cheer for and support your teammates!
  • We have a ‘secret swimmer’ program that everyone is required to participate in.
  • Team dinners are held every Thursday before a swim meet.
  • We actively participate in the annual Holiday Bazaar fundraiser.
  • All practices, meets, and team events are required.


We are not able to have a successful season without parent volunteers. Please let us know if you’re able to help out by timing, working the table, hosting a dinner, or officiating.

The winter sports parent meeting will be held on November 14th. That will be your chance to meet the coaches, hear about our program, and ask any specific questions you may have. I strongly encourage you to attend this meeting whether you've been with us for four years or you're new. We have a lot of kids on the team and it's easier for us to answer everyone's questions together. Plus, we want to meet you, catch up, and ensure we have our volunteers lined up for the season! :)

We will be using a sign up genius for timers and officials like we did last year. Thank you Mr. Holt for setting that up!

Pasta Dinners

We are going to use the signup genius for pasta dinners, like we did last year so that multiple families contribute food and help. If you are able to offer your house or local community center for a dinner, please let me know. Dinners are every Thursday before our meets (which start up after Thanksgiving). 


Finally, if you know you will definitely be a member of the team this season and want to get a jump start on ordering gear – we have an online store where you can place your orders. The three required items are the t-shirt, cap, and team suit. Members who are only participating on the dive team are not required to purchase a cap. Please ensure you order the size suit you want through the online store. All payments will be taken online through the store. 

The team store will close on November 14th so get your orders in ASAP! We have some cool new gear options!

GO GENERALS - We are excited for another wonderful season!
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